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Leaks can occur almost anywhere on a roof and for any number of reasons. Tree limbs, storms, worn shingles, snow storms, and accumulated debris/leaves all take a toll on your roof. Don't let this damage increase your repair cost by allowing it to decay. BBT Roofing can help stop the leaks and work with you to repair the damage from one of these events to keep your costs as low as possible.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

Don't let little problems become big ones. If you can see cracked or missing shingles then you are due for a leak. Shingles are installed in continuous bonds and layers to obstruct water penetration. Therefore, a leak is likely to occur if shingles are missing from one of these bonds or layers.

Source of Leaks

We often see leaks come from many areas of the roof such as chimneys, walls, eaves, valleys and at the roof vent flashing areas.

At the chimney, leaks often occur when water runs down the flue or even through the mortar on the top. It also occurs when the step flashing or the counter flashing is improperly installed.

Leaks often occur around walls when step flashing is missing, stepped backward or improperly nailed.

Roof leaks occurring at the eaves are usually as a result of inadequate overhang of the shingles.

Valleys are the most vulnerable area to leakage. These problems usually occur when the woven valley is installed off-center or the roofing technician may have had cut into the lower layer of the shingles on a closed cut-valley.

Vent flashing leakage is usually the result of improper shingling around the flashing.

At BBT roofing, our roofing technicians are professionally trained to install all types of roofing coverings to meet your needs. In addition, Mr. Tran (company owner) is a Certified Master Installer. Mr. Tran works with the crew on every project to ensure that everything is completed to the highest quality.

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Hail, Wind and Storm Damage

Does your Roof have any weather related damage? Did you know that hail can damage the surface of your roof and shorten shingle life? High wind can cause shingle lift, compromising the integrity of your roof.

Hailstones vary in size , shape and hardness. In turn damage can vary in size, shape and depth. Wind-driven hailstones do the most damage. Hail damage on asphalt shingles leave dark or pitted spots on the surface. These marks are the result of hail impact collisions. When hail hits the shingle surface, the impact pops the mineral granules loose from the surface. In severe cases, hail can puncture the base mat. Asphalt fiberglass shingles are made of a tough, asphalt-saturated roofing felt, coated on both sides with asphalt. This base mat provides shingles their strength and is covered with a high-melting point saturant. The saturant is reinforced with a mineral stabilizer such as limestone or rock granules. Coarse mineral granules help the mat resist weather and fire. Consequently, the shingles’ life deteriorates radically once these coatings are missing. The result will be future leaks, rot in the roof/deck/rafter and possibly a sagging ceiling.

Hail Damage

What Should I Do in The Event of Hail, Storm or Wind Damage?

1. Contact your trusted roofing company for a free roofing inspection.

At BBT Roofing & Construction, we are more than happy to provide you a free roofing inspection. Our expert will assess your roof and guide you through the insurance claim. If your roof is actually damaged by hail, storm or wind, your Homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the expense of your roof repair or replacement.

2. Turn in the claim immediately if the roof is damaged.

Get your name on the list! Waiting too long may cause the shingles to deteriorate further and cover up the impact marks. Sometimes the insurance carrier will turn down your claim based on the damage deteriorating and weathering so that the damage is difficult to see. However, please be patient with your insurance carrier as they handle many roofing claims nationwide.

3. Get emergency repairs if needed.

BBT Roofing & Construction will make an emergency repair to get your home or business back in order upon your approval.

4. Obtain a proposal from your local BBB accredited roofing contractor

BBT Roofing & Construction is a BBB accredited roofing company with an A+ rating. We strive to maintain this high rating.

At BBT Roofing & Construction, we are trained and experienced at inspecting your roof and locating any damage. We can spot any Hail damage, wind damage, or storm damage. We work with the homeowner and insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced in a professional and timely manner.

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Remember your roof is your home's first and most important line of defense against the elements!